18. aug, 2019




In ancient Rome, centurions were commanders in the Roman army. They were trusted to lead, inspire and act. Today New Age is looking for leaders who will inspire and act, just like the centurions of ancient Rome.

Just announced at Global Business Summit in New York City, New Age's Centurion program will completely revolutionize the way our business approaches growth. This limited-time, limited-space promotion will reward leaders in ways they've never dreamed of before.

We're looking for 100 leaders who will bring in 1000 subscribers and generate $1 Million in incremental volume. This drive, called Centurion, is open to new and existing IPCs.

Centurion starts August 15, 2019, and will end July 31, 2020 (The leader would have to be sponsored no later than July 31, 2020, to participate in the program; for existing IPCs the program starts on August 15).

To qualify for the Centurion reward, leaders must bring $1 million (USD) in cumulative net incremental revenue through infinite levels within 24 months of initial sign up. Additionally, Centurion leaders must sponsor 1,000 new subscribers within their organizations through all levels.

The rewards are magnificent.

Centurions will receive $200,000 - half in cash and half in stock. They will also be recognized as a Centurion Club member with benefits, and they'll receive a once-in-a-lifetime Centurion Club reward Trip. 

Are you ready to be a Centurion? We're looking for the best of the best. We're looking for you.